Case Studies


Client Cleveland International Film Festival

Objective The team was interested in generating ideas to enhance fundraising efforts and find new sources of revenue. A secondary objective was to bring the board together to work on a strategic initiative.

Solution A 3-hour ideation session was conducted with 30 board and staff members. During this time we generated 250 ideas which resulted in 8 fundraising concepts. The team has already implemented 2 of the concepts during the 2017 film festival. One of the ideas was on how to improve the challenge match. Maybe not so coincidently, CIFF supporters, generously gave $167,350 to the challenge match, the biggest donation in the film festival's history.

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Strategic Planning

Client College Now of Greater Cleveland

Objective Create a strategic plan for a 7-year program that is now in its third year.

Solution We started by clearly defining what success looks like at the end of the program. To engage the entire team, and offsite was led with the objective to develop the primary strategic pillars and underlying tactics to achieve the goal. Follow-up sessions were used to develop KPI metrics, roles/responsibilities, and a timeline to support the ongoing management of the new plan.

Agency Search

Client MetroHealth

Objective The team was searching for a new advertising/marketing Agency of Record

Solution A thorough understanding of MetroHealth's needs of an ideal agency was developed. Based on the criteria, 60 agencies were identified for the initial review. Through a series of interviews and assessments, eventually 4 were selected for the pitch. The 4-month process resulted in MetroHealth choosing a new AOR that has already begun to elevate their brand. Subsequently, the chosen agency happened to be named the 2016 Small Agency of the Year by Ad Age.


Consumer Journey

Client Arras Keathley

Objective Arras Keathley was developing a digital solution for Legacy Health and they needed to know how people selected a hospital or doctor.

Solution 7 Personas and 4 Customer Journeys were created based on interviews with consumers in the Portland, OR market. This provided Arras Keathley with an understanding of what the consumers are thinking, feeling, and doing during each stage of the purchase/decision path, as well as the specific touchpoint to activate their strategy. Arras Keathley aligned the tactics to each pivotal point to ensure the consumer is reached during the most important decision moments.