The IdeaJournal is a simple yet powerful system, backed by scientific research that helps conference attendees turn their notes into innovative ideas that can be implemented. It maximizes the conference experience and improves the investment of time and money. It’s a differentiating factor for any conference organizer.

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Better Notes

More Ideas

Faster Innovation

Greater Networking

Normally when you go to a conference, you get this generic notepad. This was so much more. It was like a workshop built into the notepad that helped me organize my thoughts and develop them into innovative ideas for my company.
— Lorri, Strategic HR Director

For Conference organizers

  • A value add and a differentiator

  • A new advertising and promotion opportunity

  • Customizable with your and/or your clients brand

  • Cost savings

  • Greater value and brand retention since attendees will keep the IdeaJournal to reference after the conference


For Conference attendees

  • Generate innovative ideas and concepts

  • Shows you how to take those ideas and get them implemented

  • Enhances personal and professional growth

  • Improves employee engagement

  • A greater return on your investment for attending


The percentage of attendees at the Cleveland Clinic Nurses Innovation Summit that found the IdeaJournal useful and would like one at their next event.

The IdeaJournal was an incredibly fabulous part of our conference and it tied directly to our theme of inspiring innovation. We were able to customize it with our agenda, speaker information, and sell more advertising space. It also includes Sue & Dean speaking at the event that made for a lively interactive and educational session.
— Allison, Director of Marketing

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