Case Studies

Sue and Dean have done masterful work with our executive team in assisting us to define our long term strategy and the pathway to get us there. The entire process was well planned and executed, from the preliminary research and planning of our workshops to the strategy sessions and well laid out summary. We would highly recommend L&SOI to any organization.
— Dawn Himes, SVP Marketing & Sales
We wouldn’t even consider creating ideas and developing concepts to bring our strategic plan to life without Sue & Dean. Working with them is an incredibly results driven and productive process that is also amazingly fun and engaging.
— Patsy Holian, Chief Operating Officer
Sue and Dean have taken a personal interest in Meaden & Moore and have become an integrated part of our team. They helped us develop a brand story, message, and strategy that truly speaks to who we are as a firm. Their marketing methods are unparalleled in the industry and we look forward to our continued relationship.
— Michelle Ondrey, Marketing
L&SOI helped us reveal an authentic brand platform that is setting us up for success. The platform is robust and true to who we are. While we had a generic understanding of what made us unique in the market, Dean and Sue were able to craft an inspiring and engaging message that resonates with our employees, clients and prospects in a way that we couldn’t quite get to by ourselves. They were able to distill down our truly unique qualities and build our brand around them. The brand platform is helping to center all of our new visual developments as well as our future brand communications.
— Sonya Ahola, Marketing