We often get asked about the meaning behind the name of our company.  

Although not the main reason, but when you meet us in person, you will see right away.  Sue likes to say she is tiny and that Dean is just freakishly tall - it's all a matter of perspective.  The cool thing is that we can both be working on a whiteboard at the same time.  

The main reason for our name is that we bring your brand story to life.  We distill a lot of information into the most important answers you need for your business.  We dig and find lots of data and then turn it into actionable insights.  The ampersand also represents possibilities.  Positive thinking.  Not having to compromise.  

So - that's basically the long and short of it.

Sue Stabe

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You have here your hard core, well seasoned (not old that is, but highly experienced) market researcher.  A rare breed that is comfortable and quite adept at all forms of research.  Sue has both agency and client experience working in B2B and B2C companies.  Oh – there is this spunky part as well – if you don’t like hearing the news, the truth, right between the eyes, then this just won’t work out.  But it’s kind of why she is so good and fun to be with. 

And, the more boring stuff:  a market research, consumer insights and strategic planning professional with over 20 years of experience leading insights teams at companies like KeyBank, American Greetings and Adcom.  Known for continually asking “why,” Sue is most at home talking with consumers about their brand experiences.  Her experience is quite varied and spans pretty much every type of research method and project including ideation, brand health, consumer journeys, product development and concept testing. She donates her time by serving on the board of the JD Breast Cancer Foundation.

Dean Ilijasic

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Curious, energetic, creative, and a bit impulsive, Dean’s strong corporate and agency background allows him to quickly understand the business challenge and get to the heart of the matter like no one else.  Dean easily relates to people, reads a room, and finds a way to cut through the clutter to solve your challenge while ensuring it’s tied to your objective.  And, get ready because he’ll probably ask you about your objective more times than you care to answer. 

And yes – the boring part here as well:  Dean brings over two decades of marketing, strategic planning, business development, and innovation experience, working within Fortune 100 companies including JPMorgan Chase, Visa, and American Express. Through his background, Dean has a passion for combining the art and science of marketing to deliver solutions for clients based on insights. Most recently Dean was the Chief Strategy & Innovation Officer at Adcom.  A co-author of three patents, a dynamic speaker & facilitator,  Dean donates his time by serving on the board of the Cleveland International Film Festival and as a mentor with College Now Greater Cleveland.